Coyote Ugly Spoons – Unique Finish by Wolf Amuso

While trolling the fishing world, looking for new places, techniques and innovative products to share with The Angler Mag readers, I meet many people and personalities. It’s quite enjoyable when I come across something truly unique. Unique is the perfect word that best describes Koyote Ugly Spoons finish and the man behind its innovative properties – Wolf Amuso!!

When I examine a fishing product that claims innovative properties, I like to question why and how. I also like to inquire about the innovators background and unique talents that inspired something revolutionary. It happens all the time, especially in our industry, and in America where we have the freedoms to explore our entrepreneurial inspirations. We also have free markets to share and sell these products to fishermen, hopefully maximizing their catch. In getting to know Wolf, I saw many depths of his background that could lead him to creating something unique. In his youth, Wolf spent most his time at his father’s body shop, or escaping lower NY to drive into the Catskills and learn fly-fishing with his father. Fortunately for Wolf, his father befriended a legendary member of fishing lore – Lee Wulff, who taught Wolf tying lessons at a young age, helping form his fish attracting mind. Wolf and his father ventured deeper into the state and fished the spectacular runs of Oak Orchard Creek and the Salmon River when the fishery was in it’s infancy. Wolf now was locking in on what attracts salmon and creates an instinctual response.

Working at the body shop was Wolf’s entry into learning about paints and finishes. His initial hands-on training was later augmented in degrees in chemistry and engineering. Wolf’s popularity was also increasing with his skills in custom painting Jeeps. It was obvious to Wolf’s friends that his background enabled him to do special things with paint finishes. Wolf was motivated after a fishing trip that brought him damaged spoons from fierce strikes from hungry Kings from the Niagara Bar region. He was confident from his background that he could create “chip and scratch” free finish spoons. He now has a full line of spoon, flasher, and now Shark Wolf Amuso Series Cannonballs.

Wolf is so confident in his paint finishes that he offers a lifetime guarantee, that says enough for me. The blanks he uses are bendable allowing the angler to manipulate and create the type of action they desire. I learned to troll in the Finger Lakes and most of the local spoons were mendable also, and I experimented and scored many trophy’s as has others by creating different actions. Koyote Ugly spoons are so intriguing because the PATENTED paint creates a bond with the metal that simply won’t crack and it works with the metal when you manipulate it. Koyote Ugly is also very proud of the extra UMPH his UV finish has in the water, creating original fish attracting color patterns. The Angler Magazine is so intrigued with the finish and the proprietary dynamics that exist between this lures paint and it’s flexible properties’, we are offering Koyote Ugly Spoons to become part of the Angler magazine’s community. Wolf and his field testers have been enjoying several years of lively success on Western Lake Ontario with Koyote Ugly Spoons, that he wants to expose his unique finishes to fishermen on the Eastern end of Lake Ontario and all the other many waters of Upstate NY. He invites readers to try his product by offering a lifetime guarantee. Koyote Ugly will be regularly featured this fishing season in The Angler Magazine, and they will be offering their products directly to you through their advertisement. Wolf Amuso at Koyote Ugly Spoons would also like to invite The Angler advertisers and other Upstate NY bait shops to inquire about being a Koyote Ugly dealer by e-mailing him at  Wolf is an honorable veteran, who is very excited about the inspired new spoon he will be showcasing next month in The Angler. We are proud to be affiliated with Wolf and we implore our readers to give his Koyote Ugly products a chance, what do you have to lose, they are GUARANTEED!! I am thinking that Northern Pike and Musky fishermen may be interested in his chip and scratch free spoons also.


Shark Trolling Products, who is famous for innovating cannonballs and revolutionizing their importance for downrigger trollers for years saw something special in Koyote Ugly finish also. The innovators at Shark are experts at creating a “sound signature” that attracts gamefish, becoming an important part of over 40,000 customer bases trolling spread. Go to to learn more and see their video. Shark Trolling Products were so impressed with the unique properties demonstrated by Wolf’s paint finishes, that they are collaborating by offering custom painted models of their cannonballs and flashers. These certainly will be a hard item to get your hands on, when you couple the “sound signature” of a Shark that has the visual attraction of Koyote Ugly patented paints to add UV visual attraction to your cannonball and/or flasher. These customized Shark Cannonballs and flashers will be available exclusively at .  We proudly welcome both to our publication.  These innovative products will improve any trolling spread and make your offering look unique to the fish’ eye, couple with “sound signature”.