Custom Orders

Captain James Vadas

The offshore fishing has been really good with plenty of grouper and snapper to go around. I recently took my own family on an offshore trip and I’m happy to report we enjoyed three nights of “Fish for Dinner” last week. Inshore fishing in the beautiful gin clear water of Anna Maria Island these days, you will find us catching snook and redfish on the flats during the high outgoing tides or in the deeper water to target mangrove snapper, Spanish mackerel and grouper. So let’s say we spend half of the time fishing in the shallows for snook, redfish, sea trout and flounder. Then we head out to fish in the deeper water, like 20’-30’, targeting grouper, mangrove snapper, cobia, barracuda, and sharks on the other half of the trip. (Unless we are just having fun catching fish at one spot or the other.) What’s important to me is my guests’ enjoyment and the thrill they experience during the charter. So every trip is different and amazing in its own way; it’s a customer custom order.

Where I fish depends on “when”. By when I mean, What is the tide doing? The typical tidal change from high to low is about every 6 hours and it goes up and down about 2’  around Anna Maria Island. The time of the tide affects the movement or flow of current and the depth of the water. When the tide is slack, that is, not moving I will head over to the pass and fish the structure of a bridge or the jetties. It’s the best option when the current flow is low. When the current is moving fast, avoid trying to fish in the passes or around the bridges. When the tide level is really low my choice is to target deeper water. Navigation on the flats at low tide can be tough, if not impossible. All the fish we target put up a good fight, but they are tough on your gear. Our all brand new inshore setup is a Shimano 5000 spooled with 20lb braided line with 3’ length of a 20lb fluorocarbon leader and a #2/0 circle sea hook. Thank you Discount Tackle in Bradenton for the new gear and great service. God bless and tight lines.

Yours Truly,

Captain James