Dorado to Yellowfin!

Dorado to Yellowfin!


In May, the fishery in Northwest Costa Rica undergoes its annual changeover from Dorado to Yellowfin Tunas.

It’s a great sign to see these giant Yella Fellas sweep through the area; proof that our white-hot Summer bite has begun!

The schools of Yellowfins come down from the North and are corralled by giant manchas(or pods) of porpoises, which gives the crews of FishingNosara some of the most action-packed trips of the year.

The 32-foot Wanderer and Discoverer led the way this month with lots of Sailfish releases backed up by some BIG Yellowfin Tunas. The Marlin bite slowed down after the Ship of Fools tournament (see last month’s issue), but they are back now; At the end of April we had a sweet Blue Marlin the Discoverer.
The Explorer and Adventurer kept on the pressure on the inshore fishery with lots of great catches. These smaller pangas (27-foot and 23-foot respectively) also scored several Sailfish releases; proof you don’t need a big boat to catch big fish in Costa Rica.

Legendary North Carolina angler Dan Johnson was fishing hard during the Ship of Fools tournament, and he struck around for a week after; on the 9th he scored two nice Sailfish on the Explorer.

He also had Blue marlins in the spread but they wouldn’t bite, and later nabbed two Groupers and other bottom fish.
Of the dual inshore/offshore day, Dan sent an email reading, “Great day with the fishing team always.”

Feeling adventurous and on a whim, Ms. Elaine Hepburn chartered the Harvester for a 5 hour trip on March 30. She had never fished before but with Captain Alex’ help she was catching like an old pro in no time.

It’s always a real treat to introduce new anglers to the craft of sport fishing, especially when the fish cooperate.

On April 14, our friend Leo Folse made his pilgrimage to the mega panga Harvester.

Mr. Folse is a serious panga enthusiast that has been following the story of the Harvester since we first acquired the raw hull. He was so impressed with our build and the performance of the 32-foot hull that he purchased two Eduardono hulls for himself.

This was his first time to enjoy the Harvester in action, and Leo performed brilliantly with several Sailfish releases and a big Dorado for the dinner table. It’s great to deliver the goods for this fun-loving Florida angler.

Most recently, Mr. Jason Stote joined the Harvester on April 24 and tipped the scales with potentially the biggest Yellowfin Tuna of the season (pictured).
This monster was followed up by several other big Yella Fellas, which on many other days would be the big fish in the box. Clearly this group will eat well this week!

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