EcoTourism: Sept. 2020

By Capt. Chris Thalmann, Contributing Writer


Hello everyone, hope you’re enjoying late summer here in South Florida!

It’s a great time to try one of the most popular eco-activities available here in The Palm Beaches – snorkeling! Palm Beach County is home to a variety of great snorkeling locations for all abilities. Some are easy to access by car and foot. Others are better reached by boat, kayak, or paddle board. Each are unique opportunities to see a variety of marine life up-close. Check out these two easy-to-find North County favorites!


Coral Cove Park – 600 Beach Road, Tequesta 

This life-guarded county park has plenty to see. Park and walk over the dune line, drop your gear on the beach, and pick your path through the rocks into the water. Time your trip to coincide with high tide and a nice gentle SE breeze – or even better – a westerly breeze. You’ll be rewarded with crystal clear water and some really cool rock formations to explore. Lots of colorful reef fish, plus you may see some spiny lobsters and loggerhead sea turtles too! Watch where you’re walking as you enter the water from the beach to avoid a slip and fall on the rocks, and be aware that there are few different species of sharks that frequent this spot, including the occasional bull shark along the deeper rock drop offs.

Cato’s Bridge – Beach Road, Jupiter 

This drawbridge over the Intracoastal Waterway is just north of Jupiter Lighthouse. Look for parking along the shoulder of the road on the west side of the drawbridge. It’s a short walk down to the shoreline under the bridge and has some great snorkeling at high tide. Explore the western mangrove shoreline and the bridge pilings west of the main channel. Normally lots of fish and you may even see some sea horses and upside down jellyfish in the mangroves! The current really moves through this narrow section of the Intracoastal, so time your trip around high tide to avoid being swept into deeper water. The clearest water will be an hour before high tide to an hour after high tide. There can be a lot of boat traffic on this section of the Intracoastal on weekends and holidays, so make sure to stay on the western end of the bridge. Bring a dive float and do not try to cross the main channel to snorkel the main bridge or the eastern end of the bridge. Aqua Adventure Tours is offering a free extra hour on all Family Adventure Charters through the end of this year! These private charters are a fun way for families to relax and enjoy some outdoor time together. Snorkel Coral Cove, Cato’s, and other favorite spots! Or explore our local sandbars and get out on the ocean to learn about sea turtles, dolphins, manatees, and other wildlife from onboard experts! E-mail to learn more and to book a Family Adventure Charter!

Captain Chris Thalmann

Owner | Aqua Adventure Tours, Inc.