Encouraging The Next Generation

Chasten Whitfield

My brother and his friend Kaleb wanted to go get some groceries, they had fish tacos in mind!  So, I went and picked up my brother Caden and Kaleb from their high school football practice and we set out to get the “groceries”. First things first by getting bait in the morning and with a few extra throws of our net we prevailed. The three of us set off to hopefully now find some snapper to make our tacos. We like to use white bait on a 1/0 circle hook with 15 lb. fluorocarbon.  We were catching a lot of snapper, but many were too small which we released back to get bigger and fight another day.  We could see a storm building nearby, so we thought we should probably move closer to a bridge just in case the storm came our way. I am not a fan of lightning and this time of year in Florida you really have to work around the weather.  We did move to another spot, an area we don’t normally fish.  While we were waiting for this storm to either come at us or pass us, we decided to fish this area anyway.  I wasn’t exactly sure what was here and thought I would toss out a dead bait with a split shot along with a live bait up nice and close to the mangroves. The live bait swam straight up under the mangroves. My brother started to slowly reel the bait out so it would break off in the mangrove when something yanked on his line and breaks his line off in the mangroves. The dead bait did catch a few small red fish, but we never found out what had broke him off. The boys wanted to head back out to see if they can shoot some snapper on the rocks. The boys did really well at the rocks and all the snapper were legal size and supplied enough food for their fish tacos.  There’s nothing better to watch them catch their own fish, filet the fish, and then cook them and make the most delicious fresh fish tacos.  Teach kids to not only fish, but how to filet the fish, cook up their meal, so next time these guys can take me fishing AND cook me dinner – right???

It’s All About the Kids! @Chastenation