Establishing Status In 2014

by Capt Mike McNamara

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is 2014, and the kayak fad has yet to fade. Actually, it is alive and well, and growing. I was reflecting yesterday, thinking about some kayak anglers in the Big Bend. In particular, the anglers that have been leading the way in kayak fishing for almost a decade. These are the pioneers of Big Bend kayak fishing. I am not going to mention them by name, for fear I will leave someone out, but those folks know who they are. In 2014, I would like to say thank you, to those folks! Because of pioneers like you, kayak angling has become less of a fad and more of a common recreational sport. These pioneers are now older and wiser, but still kayak fishing anytime they can escape. I hope in 2014, as new anglers still come aboard, the veterans still catch plenty.

In 2014, let’s take a moment to help the newcomers have success in the Big Bend. Why? Because that is what kayak anglers do. That is how we roll. If you are new to kayak fishing or just trying to reach legend status, here are a few ways to map your route in the New Year:

1. Find your winter redfish in clear water.  is is what winter redfishing is all about. Grab some ADL spoons and find a frosty morning. The folks that know the feeling of winter redfish always go back. High up on the list.

2. Master the topwater game. As spring approaches, be the first to post those topwater monster trout. Blast some redfish, and make some cool video. Embrace the need to throw topwater every day!

3. Hit the beach. Take that trip out of town. Paddle some new water, and prove you have the skills to master new species. Bottom fish for snapper out of Destin, or troll for kings out of Panama City. Take plenty of photos.

4. Think big fish. Do your research and learn the tarpon game. This is not a task for the timid. Unlock the Big Bend code, and make a video of a lifetime. Tarpon do not come easy.

5. Do not forget about the monsters under the bridge. Summertime will find huge black drum under the Ochlocknee Bay Bridge. Go get your drum!

6. Take that transport trip. Kayak fish where not many or no one has kayak fished before. Find giant trout and hungry redfish. Top it o with a big kayak cobia.

7. Jump aboard the tournament trail. Put your skills to the test. How about the 2014 Big Bend Kayak Classic? Come kayak among friends and enjoy the great food, and tough competition. Ok, the list could go on, but I believe I set the table for you. All of these kayak fishing tasks are worthy of every good angler. In 2014, be in legend mode. Inspire to catch a new species or master a new technique. Remember, the most important ingredient to acquiring legend status, take a new angler fishing. Keep the fad alive. Enjoy.