Falling for September

Capt. Matt Fueyo


As other parts of the country begin to cool down, we here on the West Coast are given brief moments of what some would consider to be “Fall.”  This means a few things for us as fishermen and fisherwomen, REDFISH are on their way!  Kingfish are around the corner!  Trout and snappers will be feeding in the flats!  Oh and did we forget, the SILVER KING will be making their presence wherever they feel necessary!  We’ve seen the silver king on the beach, in the passes and in 3-5 foot of water cruising oyster beds in search of mullet and pinfish.  You never know when the silver king will show up, so have a big bait ready.  A 6-8 inch mullet with a circle hook floating behind the back of the boat is never a bad idea.  A big hungry snook or jack could hunt your bait down too. Any time you put a big bait in the water you have to be ready for a big fish.  This type of preparation can be made at the dock long before you “the angler” reaches that part of the fishing trip.  I have my rods rigged and ready the night before.  Making sure that each line to line knot has a clean presentation, as well as a brand new fresh hook. Being over prepared is not in a fisherman’s vocabulary.  There are so many times we are faced with a tide or wind that wasn’t reported accurately.  Have your head on a swivel and turn the radio down so you can hear Mother Nature’s creations feeding around you! I  don’t think the fish want to hear your music!  If you can’t hear a drag zinging in the background you might not ever get the chance to land that monster!  Remember to check your safety equipment before leaving the dock.  Tell your loved ones of your “float plan” for the day and be cautious of other boaters.