Father Knows Best

I doubt there is anything in a father’s lifetime that compares to the bond they have with their children. This bond only gets stronger when a father gets to experience the great outdoors with his family. Being there when your son or daughter catch their first fish or shoot their first deer, is a memory that will be etched in stone. With Father’s Day being this month, I wanted to check in with some of my buddies. Did not really have a question for them, just wanted to hear a story about the dads in the world. Enjoy…

Capt. Shane Cantrel – Galveston Sea Ventures – Galveston, TX:
“The most vivid memory I have of fishing with my family was last July with my dad, grandpa, and uncle. It was the last fishing trip my grandpa and I made together. We kind of knew that going into the day, but it was a truly great experience altogether.

The weather was great, fishing was overall not that great for a group that I’ve been fishing with my entire life. I’ve learned and been brought up by them fishing or in the outdoors, and to be able to have them out on the boat was a truly humbling experience. They left it up to me to pick the spots, cater to them for a change, and run the triple engine offshore boat bigger than the lake boats they’re used to.

Had 2 big goals for the day really. Grandpa needed to catch a big redfish and uncle needed to catch a big shark! Tough fishing, but got both goals accomplished and that memory will likely live with me forever!”

Capt. Alex McIngvale – Shore Thing Fishing Charters – Bay St. Louis, MS:
“My Dad let me use the boat by myself at an early age (13). He paid for the boat, fuel, and expenses but the deal came with a few strings attached. I had to clean ALL the fish, even if I wasn’t on the trip. I dreaded coming home from school and seeing that 120-quart ice chest on the pier after him and his buddies slaughtered the trout while I was stuck in school. Still not sure who made out better on that deal.”

John Bretza – Director of Product Development – Okuma Fishing Tackle and Savage Gear:
“My son Zander is one of my closest fishing buddies and if I am not out managing his travel ball baseball team, he is pushing me to go fishing. Zander is now 10 years old, but he first started fishing with me at age-5. Once he was soaking a bait in Southern California for saltwater bass and a 100-lb Thresher shark came along and ate his Sardine! I think it is safe to say that this boy is hooked for life on fishing and it is a great way for a father and son to enjoy some time away from the hectic city life.  My younger son Zachary who is age-7 is now starting to follow in Zander’s footsteps. It makes for a very proud father to see the youngsters hooking and landing trophy-sized fish on their own.”

Capt. Steve Perrigen – Strictly Fishin Charters – Ocean Springs, MS:
“My son Adam has come a long way over the years. He got into inshore fishing when he was 6 and I started taking him offshore when he was 9. He has puked with the best of them, but he never gave up. He always loved it and now in his late 20’s, he is one tough man. I would put him up against anyone on the water, if it swims, he can catch it.”

Capt. Gary Bryant – Red Eye Charters – Fort Morgan, AL:
“I was fishing an overnight trip, with a father and son one night at the floaters. We kept marking fish down deep, so we started chunking and drifting baits under the boat. Both their reels started screaming and we thought we had two big fish on. I was running around the deck, thinking that the two fish were tangled. Turned out, it was one big fish that ate both chunks. The father and son got the fish and it weighed 173 POUNDS. They were so excited that they got the fish in together.”

Capt. Ronnie Daniels – Fishermans Guide Service – Pass Christian, MS:
“I always seem to get booked on Fathers Day every year. We normally just do something that evening when I get in. Last year, I was really surprised with what they had done to the house. They decorated our entire hallway with Dads fishing articles, trophies, photos and awards. I don’t know how long it took them, but it was the most memorable Fathers Day so far.”

Speaking from experience, I am completely content catching three-inch croakers and hard head catfish off a pier with my wife and daughter. Down the road, I will try and get them out in the big deep, fishing for tuna, dolphin, and marlin. Truthfully, I am not in any big rush. Just spending time outdoors with my girls is about as good as it gets. It’s the little things in life that make it so memorable. If you’re a dad reading this, please make time to take the kids, wife, grandparents, and friends fishing. Remember, the trip should not be measured in numbers of fish, but numbers of smiles. From all of us Coastal Angler Magazine, Happy Father’s Day! As always, have fun and be safe…

And if you’d like Father’s Day fishing story from me, see https://coastalanglermag.com/dad-nos-best/

Captain Sonny Schindler
Shore Thing Fishing Charters
Bay St Louis, MS