Favorite Fishing Month

By: Eric Henson

September is my favorite month of the year because it is the first month of the year that shows some relief from the summer’s long hot days, and it also happens to be my birthday! As the days slowly begin to shorten and the temperatures lower a bit, it triggers the majority of fish to start feeding heavily. The species have been spending their time spawning all summer, so they will be on a tear looking for their next meal. You can see this feeding response pretty much all over Florida. With that being said, it’s great for me, especially because I like to travel to different locations throughout Florida celebrating my birthday!

One of my favorite places to travel this time of the year is to the Florida Keys! Trust me, I know we are blessed here in Southwest Florida with our water, but we don’t have bonefish here, or at least not that you can actually target on the regular. Plus, it’s one of the greatest times of the year to target permit, so it’s pretty much a win-win! The only real downside is that it’s the tail end of hurricane season and winds can still be horrid. I’ve had some incredible trips canceled for this reason; nonetheless when it’s good it’s good!

Like I said earlier, it is great fishing here in Sarasota and really just about anywhere in Florida. Pick a spot, load your kayak and gear up, then hit the water for some line burning fun! There’s nothing better than fishing and learning how to fish a new area. If you aren’t comfortable on your own or would like a little help on the learning curve, hire a guide. Just do yourself a favor and get out there and enjoy yourself. Look forward to catching you all out there!