Fernandina – November Fishing Report

Author: Terry D. Lacoss
Amelia Angler Outfitters
111 Centre St.
Fernandina Bch. Fl. 32034

Title:      “November Report Amelia Island”

Good numbers of red drum will be schooling both at the tip of Amelia Island and the deep waters of the St. Mary’s jetty rocks and sound.  Fishing dead on the bottom with cut mullet, ladyfish, or menhaden is key when hooking up to the late Fall redfish run.
My favorite Fall redfish technique includes deep jigging with a ½ ounce led head rigged with a 3-inch Berkley Gulp shrimp in the “New Penny” color pattern.  When the redfish are really fired up, try vertical jigging with a 1-ounce Hopkins silver spoon!
Fishermen are advised to keep hooked redfish in the water when releasing your catch.  If the air bladder is inflated use a venting tool to deflate the air bladder. The venting tool consists of a hollow needle 1.5 inches long. Puncture the redfish at a 75-degree angle at the tip of the pectoral fin until you hear the air excepting the air bladder.

Sea trout will also be schooling during the falling tide at both the St. Mary’s north and south jetty rocks.  The small rock jetties located at the southern portion of Amelia Island is also a real hot spot for late Fall redfish and sea trout too with the best fishing coming during the morning and late in the evening hours.  Work a ¼ ounce led head rigged to a clear colored plastic curly tail with blue glitter slowly along the bottom.

Offshore bottom fishermen should do well while bottom fishing at some of the near to shore rock ledges and live bottoms. Gag grouper and giant sea bass are plentiful at FA, FC, HH and Schultz’s live bottoms during pleasant weather days during the month of November.  Best bottom fishing tactic includes fishing dead on the bottom with live cigar minnows or fresh local squid.
Schooling redfish will showcase the backwater bays and small tidal estuaries, particularly during a full flood tide on the flooded marshes, or during a low falling tide where bays drain into main river channels.  Don’t waste a lot of time fishing in one spot when the action is slow, keep moving and you will sure to find a nice late Fall redfish bite!
Cast a black and gold swim bait, or topwater Chug Bug.

Finally black drum weighing to 50-pounds are plentiful during the month of November in the deep waters of Cumberland Sound and the mouth of Bell’s River.  Fish dead on the bottom during the slack moving tides with a quarter blue crab.  Barb small pieces of shrimp while black drum fishing and enjoy a nice fall whiting bite as well.

The Nassau Landing located on Edwards Road offers quick access to some of northeast Florida’s best striped bass fishing. Striped bass fishermen launching their skiff at the Nassau Landing will also find easy access to Thomas Creek where some of the best fall, winter and spring striped bass fishing can be experienced.

Striper fishermen launching their boats at the St. Mary’s public boat ramp located at the waterfront park will have easy access to outstanding fall stripe bass fishing in the St. Mary’s River. Look for some of the best striped bass fishing here to come under and close to the I-95 Bridge.

Best lures for stripers include a slow sinking minnow type plug in the blue back and silver color pattern, white “Swim Bait” or a ½ ounce white spinner bait with a silver #5 willow leaf blade.