Nassau Sound Fishing Report

Nassau Sound – September Fishing Report

fernandina fishing


Sept has multiple angling options. The bull red fishing along the St. John’s & jetties can be exciting with Reds 30 lbs plus. A standard fish finder

rig with cut bait like mullet, pogies, ladyfish, or blue crab can all be good choices. Tide will be specific for the fish you are on. I have caught them on all phases of the tide in years past. Soak the baits on the edges of the St. John’s channel. Use the least amount of weight on 20 lb gear, should be fine. I like an 8/0 sharp J hook. If I have a savoy Angler, I have used the larger TBS Jig in 2 or 3 oz and hold the rod as if you were fishing slot reds in the creeks,,,, exciting.

Next, there is tails in the grass. Tides above 5.5 and an easterly wind, look for reds tailing in the spartina and area marshes. Last of the income is best. Again, tides specific to your flat & area. A weedless soft plastic, or a 7-9 weight fly rod with floating line and weedless shrimp & crab patterns work best.

Also, this is usually when mullet start to head south. Depending on weather, this can be the very beginning of the migration. Lipped divers & topwaters can take there share of trout, reds, & many other species. Local area inlets & Jetties can produce. Also areas of interest would be  rips around structure or grass lines, holding bait , next to a drop off is even better. Throw up current and work the lures back with the tide. Fish feed into the current. Beach fishing can get exciting with Tarpon, Sharks, and big jacks. Lots of options, get out and enjoy. 🐟

Capt. Tony Bozzella


Pro Angler / Guide

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