Fired Up Offshore Forecast – December 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! If you haven’t been out front lately you need to – Fishing has been awesome as it usually is this time of year. Bunker pods (a.k.a. Menhaden shad or Pogies) have shown up and should continue to stay around a little while longer. Work the pods close to shore for giant red drum and other species feeding on them. Use a 50lb. mono leader with a 1-2 oz weight and a 7/0 circle hook. You can knocker rig it with the weight sliding all the way to the hook, or fish finder Carolina-rig it with the weight above a swivel and 30” or longer leader.

Take the bunker offshore for
some great kingfish action in all the normal areas. This time of year, all the commercial guys are out there doing circles just give them the space they need to fish. There’s plenty of reef in the ocean out there.

Mahi fishing has also been picking up. This is the time of year they migrate south. It’s not as good as the spring run but can definitely pay off! We have been very successful using the regular king rods and king gear for mahi. But you can always use typical skirted dolphin rigs. Ballyhoo and strip baits work just fine. Every trip we are catching a few cobia – keep a jig handy. The Fishing and Diving Center in Cape Canaveral has all the jigs you need. Talk to Nick, He will help you out. Hope you all have an awesome holiday and enjoy your families.