Fired Up Offshore Forecast – January 2019

I hope everyone’s Christmas holiday and New Year was awesome and safe! Thank you to everyone who helped me out this past year. Without our fishing community being so friendly to one another all the time, fishing would be way more difficult. Part of doing well out here is knowing where they’re chewing and sometimes relying on the help from fellow captains. Thank You!

I am asked to have these reports in a month ahead of time so it can be hard sometimes to give an accurate forecast almost two months away. If I have been off, I am sorry. I definitely try my best to go by what has been running, what should be running and what was running a year ago to come up with the best report I can.

Besides the weather being the biggest factor in January, fishing is normally pretty good. The king run should continue to do well. This is also the time the sails and wahoo get a little better. We don’t have  the run that down south gets but it is normally decent if you can target them. I looked at my pictures from last year and I remembered we had a few good days of mahi too. Don’t forget grouper closes this month. Please be sure to follow up on all the regulations. I know it’s tough when they are constantly changing and normally the enforcers don’t know the rules themselves. If the wind allows you to at least fish the beach, you may come across sea trout, whiting and croakers to keep you and the kids occupied. Take advantage of the few good days we’re going to see and get out there and kill a few fish! I look forward to an awesome year and I hope you do too.

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