Fired Up Offshore Forecast – July

Happy 4th of July! Fishing has been pretty decent lately. A few mahi have been showing up and a few cobias as well. Most of the mahi, kings and cobia have been on the reefs. Get your live bait and slow troll. The bunker has been fairly easy to get lately. Make sure you use a good cast net with some heavy weight to trap them bunker. This is usually the time of month that all the fish move in close to the beach. If you’re catching bait close just start fishing outside the pods. Worst case, you don’t catch anything and head offshore anyways. Don’t leave fish to find fish. Tarpon and jacks have been around to have some fun with too.

Every year we have the cold-water upwelling (thermocline) show up and chills the water drastically and shuts the bite down. This does a few things. It makes it harder to locate the bait. And pushes the fish out of the area till the warm water returns. It can also push all the fish to the top to find warm water. Check your bottom weights and I’m sure they will be nearly frozen. If that’s going on, then be sure the bite is gone. Yes, the cobia will show up at some point on those shoals. This is by no means a secret. Let’s at least have just a little bit of etiquette. If a boat happens to spot a fish, let them fish. No need to rush up on them and start throwing your jig over their lines to attempt to catch the fish they spotted. And especially, please give the charter boats trying to make a living a little room. It’s already hard enough with a charter on board. If not some local will bash you on some review website for trying to provide for the family.

Good luck and have a great summer –