Fired Up Offshore Forecast – July 2021

Fishing out of Port Canaveral has been fantastic! Bait is easy and plentiful with just a few throws of your net – the bunker are thick. Use the right net folks. It’s amazing seeing that blue 6-footer being tossed. Go to the Fish and Dive center in Cocoa Beach and tell Nick you need a Canaveral pogie net. They are custom made and worth every dime.

Offshore has been Fired Up. Kings are chewing hard, and every reef has them going off. The early bite seems to be the best, still the mysterious noon bite shows up all the time. Mixed in those kings are cobia, mahi, cudas and bonitas. Capt Stan had a 20.8lb bone, that is huge! And some excellent eating as well. Good Job! I would take some fresh bonita any day. Google some recipes. Also, seeing some random wahoo recently. Try some high speeding as it has been paying off.

As many of you noticed we had some beautiful clean water all the way to the beach, that has brought flying fish to the bouy line and a few mahi as well. Cool stuff. Along with the clean water we also have the cold-water thermocline. This happens every year and usually shuts the bottom fishing down. But will also push a lot of fish up. Amberjack and red snapper have been awesome. you can almost pick out what fish you want. Sure, you have to throw the reds back but still it’s fun sight fishing. The thermocline usually only lasts a few weeks or so and the chicken rigging will get back to normal. As will grouper.

Nearshore shark fishing has been great. We are running shark trips every single day and averaging some great numbers. Big blacktips, hammerheads, and sharpies. The goliath grouper has also been consistent and providing the fish of a lifetime for many. Some trips we are averaging 2 or 3 fish to 300 plus pounds.