Fired Up Offshore Forecast – November 2020

November is a great time of year for Port Canaveral fishing. The offshore really starts to get ‘Fired Up’ so to speak. Bunker (menhaden shad) are normally in the basins more consistently and much easier to get. Remember to use that large heavy sinking net. If you still can’t locate or catch them, you may have to resort to that box of frozen cigar minnows, but don’t worry they work just fine. Just head out to the reefs or ridge and start from there for many species like kings and blackfins or even sails. Typically, this time of year we also see a daily clean line. (where the water goes from muddy to clear) Fish that clean water side break and you should find some predators. Normally Thanksgiving is that time frame that everything really turns on but typically this whole month is a firefight. Typical stinger wire rigs work great with a 2x size 4 treble hook. Just go see Nick at the Fish and Dive Shop on A1A and he will hook you up with whatever you need along with some great looking fresh cigar minnows.

Other species that show up well are mahi and wahoo. There’s no secret here to this kind of fishing. Use your normal ballyhoo rigs and smaller chuggers and find your weed lines, edges or just fish the stream. The fall run can be just as good or better than the spring run. Anything will be better than this year’s spring run!

If you’re looking to keep busy and it’s too rough to go out, fish the jetties with some live mullet or live shrimp, use a small knocker rig or even a split shot. Fluorocarbon is not a bad idea either. Snook and redfish have been doing well and should continue to fire. Most of all Happy Thanksgiving and have a great rest of the year fishing. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us or meet us down at Bluepoints Marina for a few bluegills. Good Luck.