Fired Up Offshore Forecast – November 2021

This is the time of the year when all we are anxiously awaiting the kingfish run. Thanksgiving is the time frame that the big king mackeral come in and the fishing really starts to go off. With that in mind, commercial season starts up as well – let’s give the guys doing their “circles” a little bit of room.

Bait has been sketchy to say the least. One day has been one throw of the net and the next day has been a struggle where I want to give up on the net. If you cannot get bunker, try a box of minnows and troll those. Skirts in a few colors help make the baits look a little better. Be sure to use a good swivel while doing this. Spinning minnows can mess your line up pretty good, a swivel will help straighten it out.

Farther offshore should be firing soon. Mahi should be seen more frequently as the 140-to-160-foot depth has been decent. There have also been some decent weed lines out there and if you can find that “yellow brick road” you will do just fine. I like to use small islander lures and small chuggers. You can tip them with strip baits (bonita) or the trusty ballyhoo. I have noticed that if you use smaller baits the hookups have increased. Wahoo are normally starting up this time as well. They do better on the early morning bite.

Good luck this month. This report has been brought to you by Captain Chris Cameron of Fired Up Fishing Charters, your premier fishing guide charter of shark fishing Cocoa Beach, offshore fishing Port Canaveral, Daytona Beach, and Orlando, Florida.