Fired Up Offshore Forecast – October 2020

This is a great time of year to target the fish that migrated north in the springtime that now migrate back south. If in fact that’s what’s going on – mahi, wahoo and sails will show themselves. We already started seeing many green fish hit the fish boards at Bluepoints Marina. Nothing huge but a few decent ones for sure. King fishing starts to heat up again in October – some of the best fishing around! Although November is historically the timeframe that the larger schools come in this is when they start showing up.

The fall run in general may not be as great as the spring run, but it’s still awesome fishing just shorter. It seems like many fish are being caught shallow and on slow trolled live bunker while king fishing. Now is the time to start rigging your ballyhoo and concentrating on the temperature breaks and weed lines again. Start out in 100 foot or so then go deeper. Don’t pass fish to find fish. Be sure to put out some naked ballyhoo for sailfish. And don’t forget the shotgun rig – wire rigged and sent way out there, black and purples work well for wahoo.

Continue to use live bunker and mullet, work the regular reefs. Don’t pass up the wrecks. Chances are if piles of bait are on it, then something’s there. I had a slow day last week and decided to go try a wreck. The water was boiling with small sardines. My first pass through it was doubled up with a fat king and bonita. Then it was a bonita fire fight – Lots of fun! Excellent fish to make strip baits with and of course eating!

Beach fishing is heating up as well. I know many are taking advantage of the nice weather and bait on the beaches right now. Catching pompano, flounder, snook and whiting. Sharking from the beach is going off good too.