Fired Up Offshore Forecast – September 2022

What a great month for fishing! Gotta love it. The bunker have been easier by the day to get. They have been in the port and along the beach. The earlier you can get out there the easier it is to net, or you can find the pelicans diving and or boats netting by the Cocoa pier will give them away. Just because you have the live bait now doesn’t mean they want it so try cigar minnows as well if there not chewing the bunker (menhaden). Kings have been hit or miss but the larger ones are starting to show up again. Capt Joe has had some good days. Hint, you don’t always need to go to the reef – try the nearshore and the wrecks. You will start to see more blackfins and sails in September too.

Cobia – they are everywhere. Get out there with your bucktails and look around. Tip your bucktail with some squid or your favorite soft plastics. No place specific but the reefs are a good start. Late in the day they have been surfacing on rays, turtles and free swimming. They love some live bait too.

This is a great month for wreck fishing. Use all your normal tactics from three ways to knocker rigs. Live bait definitely works the best. Use lighter tackle for more fun. Amberjack and every other species have been sitting right above the wrecks and it’s been great. The cold water pushes them to the surface. You can also try anchoring and chumming. Use some lighter fluorocarbon for the mangos. They have been plentiful! Even the muttons have been surfacing. Don’t forget about chicken rigging all the monster sea bass and triggerfish! Man, we have had some studs lately. It’s a lot of fun for the kids.