Fishing Forecast for LAKE WATEREE

By: Cory Davis

Instagram: Carolinafishin3


September can be another tough month to fish on Lake Wateree. The water levels typically tend to change a lot, as well as the temperatures starting to drop near the end of the month. Therefore fish are going to be on the move.

Water levels and temperature play a big role in bass fishing this time of year. When water levels are low and the temperatures are high, fish will typically stay deep. Bass will gravitate towards ledges, creek channels, or any underwater structure in the 10-20’ range. Jigging spoons, big soft plastics, and jigs are all productive lures to fish. When the water levels start to rise, the Bass tend to move into the shallower water and back deeper into the creeks. Try finding grass in the backs of the creeks and rocky shore lines. Frogs and shaky head worms work well in the grass, while running Crankbaits and dragging jigs will work on the rocks.

Crappie fishing in September is usually better at the upper end of the lake. There is more current at the upper end of the lake and the crappie will use the current breaks to ambush their food. Find brush piles or laydown in 15-20’that may be used as a current break. In the mornings, crappie will be suspended above the brush piles. As the sun comes up and temperatures rise they will drop down deeper in the brush. Live minnows and vertical jigging artificials can be the most productive tactic.

The catfish will start to school up and can be caught on live or cut bait. Fresh cut Bream, white perch, or shad are all good baits to use. Try drifting technique until the first bite, then anchoring down can be the best method this time of year. Catfish can be found in the 20-50’ range and come up shallower at night.

“The Gods do not deduct from Mans allotted span, the hours spent fishing”

– Babylonian fishing proverb