Fishing Opportunities

By: Joe Sheaffer

Like many anglers, I really enjoy spending a day fishing from my boat. It allows me to fish areas that I could never fish without having a boat. With owning a boat inevitably, we know things will need to be repaired. Unfortunately for me my boat has been out of commission for a few weeks waiting for parts to fix my power cables. I can choose to sit around being bored or take advantage of the many other fishing opportunities Southwest Florida has to offer. We are so fortunate to live in a state loaded with many different accessible fishing areas. Each in their own way can be a very exciting way to fish. Living near the Gulf of Mexico, we can spend a day on one of the many beaches, fishing piers, jetties, seawalls, and areas to wade fishing. I fish several beaches and piers near my home and have had some incredible adventures. Moving inland the state is loaded with lakes, rivers, canals, ponds, and swamp areas. Many can be fished on foot. There are many areas that are accessible for kayaks and canoes. Many of these areas hold freshwater and saltwater species in the same ecosystem. Largemouth bass and snook are regularly caught in the same areas. This state is blessed with many great saltwater and freshwater species as Florida has amazing offshore, near shore, inshore and inland fisheries. Most of these fishing opportunities don’t require elaborate equipment or tackle. Medium to medium heavy spinning outfits, simple lure presentations (like jigs, swimbaits, spoons, and fishing plugs) can be very productive. Fishing for a couple hours or most of the day, will be well worth the time and effort. I highly encourage you to take advantage of the many fishable areas in this great state with or without a boat. Good luck and keep casting.