Fishing the Sea Breeze

by: Joe Sheaffer

Summer is in full vigor; it seems to be warm every second of every day. Many anglers head to the beaches to keep a little cooler as we fish. It can be a bit cooler but that doesn’t mean fishing will be easy. Many days the mornings can be very calm, and the beach looks like a large lake. As the morning heads into the afternoon the beaches become very crowded with people looking to enjoy the gulf and sun. The fish aren’t exactly fired up or even thinking about feeding with these conditions. When the weather forecast is calm and clear, waiting until the evening may prove to me more productive. Many evenings as the sun descends into the Gulf of Mexico, a nice sea breeze causes the surf to churn. Many times, the fish will turn on and begin to feed in the surf. The churn of the water and the lower light conditions can be an advantage for anglers. Snook and other species can be very aggressive and much more willing to hit live bait and artificial presentations. Looking for schools of bait, birds diving and of course feeding fish can key you in on areas holding fish. Many presentations can be effective, but I like using some type of swimming lure. Jig with paddle tails, Swimbaits, Rattle Traps, Chatterbaits are a few that have been productive for me over the years. Focusing your cast parallel to the beach will keep your lure or bait in the strike zone. Fishing in the evenings can be a little cooler and definitely less crowded. When the beaches are calm and busy during the day, think about an evening fishing the Sea Breeze, it may be a great fishing experience. Good luck and keep casting.

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