Flagler Inshore

Flagler Inshore October Fishing Report



It’s that time of year to practice your cast netting technique as the mullet are running in full force! Net a well full of mullet and head to your local inlet with an assortment of weights to hold bottom (which can change as the tide speeds up or slow down) different size leaders as you never know what you will encounter. When the mullet run is in full swing you can hook everything and anything from redfish to tarpon.

Fishing the inlet for redfish is best during change of tides but not always necessarily true as some spectacular days have been had within the last two hours of outgoing tide. A fish finder rig with enough weight to hold bottom, 18 inch leader and 3/0-5/0 Daiichi circle hook is a rig I like to use to catch redfish and flounder. (For flounder change that hook to a j hook instead of a circle for a better hook up). Make sure you have at least 20lb. test line as the current will make a 6 lb. redfish feel more like a 20lber. Once the tide goes slack start dragging the bottom with your fish finder rig for flounder as this is doormat season. Tarpon can also be seen rolling and crashing bait while fishing the inlet so free line a live mullet with a circle hook and set it in the rod holder.

Heading inshore a topwater lure at first light will get blown up around areas that are holding bait. Once the topwater bite slows down you can switch to artificial lures that “match the hatch” which will be mullet so jerk baits, paddle tails and spoon are great lures. If live bait is your thing I would toss two lines out, one live mullet and another rod with cut mullet and see which one the fish like best. Best areas to target are oyster beds during low or high tides or shorelines at high tide that are holding mullet.

Night time dock light fishing is still great as trout, lady fish and snook will be popping the bait that drifts by the light all night long. Live shrimp is a local favorite hooked on a 1/0 circle hook and bb split shot. When you run out of shrimp go for the artificial lures like a D.O.A shrimp that will get just as many bites.

Snook should be great this month in the southern region of the county. Tomoka Basin is best fished on outgoing tides concentrating on the mosquito controls creek mouths with either live bait or artificial lures. Expect to catch not only snook but redfish, trout and juvenile tarpon as well. October brings us some great fishing so get out there and catch um!