Written By: John Martin, Owner and Operator of True South Custom Lures

As winter creeps in this month there are still some great fishing opportunities on the Yadkin Chain. We will see water temps in the middle to low 50s and maybe some high 40s. The baitfish will be concentrated in the warmest water available, usually the major creeks and pockets. The bass will tend to suspend a little more as they follow the schools of bait.
Play close attention to water color as this will affect how the majority of bass relate to cover and structure. In the clear water the fish like suspend around and near bait. They can be caught on suspending jerkbaits and under spins. An umbrella rig can also be a great choice for these conditions. If the water has more color bass will relate tighter to cover and tend to be shallower especially if we have several warm sunny days.
Anglers can target these bass with crankbaits and jigs. Hard cover warmed by the sun are great places to look for shallow winter bass. Some of the best winter fishing on the Yadkin can be found after a warming trend with stained to dirty water color. The bass will relate to shallow cover better and be easier to catch. As with most of the fall/winter fishing bait is a key factor, usually the birds will give you a clue on where the baitfish are located.
Please remember safety as always when on and around the water, dress warm and wear your PFD and kill switch. A fall into the lake in the winter can turn deadly very fast.
Get out and enjoy our beautiful lakes this December and have a Merry Christmas!