By: Cory Davis
Instagram: Carolinafishin3

Happy New Year!!! Say goodbye to 2019, on to bigger and better fish in 2020. I’m sure a lot of the fishing community has accumulated some new fishing toys over the past few weeks. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean those new presents have to sit there collecting dust till spring. The lake level has been very low so finding a place to launch a boat has been tough. Be careful and do a little research before taking the boat out and wasting a day looking for ramps.
With the water level so low, this can be a good time to do some recon on fishing spots for spring. Going out and finding the cover, creek channels, exposed timbers, and spots with hard sandy bottoms that have been exposed. Remembering these key spots during spring can pay off huge. As of now, find the warmer water. A few degrees can be the difference in getting one random bite or having a memorable day. Rocky shorelines are always a go to this time of year. The rocks absorb the heat from the sun and therefore heat the surrounding water. Try fishing minnow imitations like crank baits, spinner baits, swimbaits with under spins, and walk the dog action topwater baits.
Tc Lloyd, Head Guide at Southern Angling Guide Service reported crappie fishing has been on fire. Fish are being caught from June Creek up all the way up to the main river. Try fishing in 12’-18’ around ledges with live bait. Double minnow rigs have been productive. Some of the bigger fish can be found on deeper brush piles but most have moved off. Check out Southern Angling Guide Service on Facebook or call Tc at (843) 307-6678 to schedule a trip.
Big ones are being caught. Try fishing the lower half of the lake, in 10’-30’ will give you the best odds. Fishing with cut bait on main lake points, bridge pilings, and main lake ledges are all good spots for the big ones to hang out. Cats will be hugging the bottom either cruising around to different points of cover, or they will be sitting still while in or under cover. Stink bait can also be effective in bringing them out of cover to eat.
The southern end of the lake is the best place to start for finding the striper. The Clearwater area and Dam have been producing numbers but the bigger ones should be showing up more throughout the month. As always with striper fishing, find the birds. Live bait is catching fish, as well as umbrella rigs. Walk the dog action topwaters are a good option when the school is busting the surface.