Forecast for Lake Wateree

By: Cory Davis


The days are getting longer, so the fishing is getting better. Lake Wateree can be a fisherman’s paradise in the next few months. As always, the major factor is weather. Temperature swings, rains, and dynamic lake levels will be key components to determining what the fish are doing.

Bass will be in full blown pre spawn mode through the month. The bass are moving from the main lake points and deep water channels to secondary points along the bigger creek channels, taking cover around docks, laydowns, submerged timber, and rocky points along the way. The bass will move deeper into the back of creeks throughout the month looking for potential spawn locations. Therefore, don’t be afraid to fish in 2-3 feet of water this time of year. Spinnerbaits, Jigs, Crankbaits, and soft plastics will be productive and the topwater bite should only get better.

Lake Wateree Crappie fishing will turn on during March. Crappie will spawn when the water temperatures reach the low to mid 50’s. Therefore fish will be back in creeks and shallow flats making beds. Fishing shallow will offer the best opportunity to get on fish and trolling Jigs in 2’-5’ close to the bottom can be a productive technique this time of year.

The shad are on the move, and so are the Stripers. The Dam can hold some numbers, although the river channel in the upper lake can hold some of the better fish. Trolling with planer boards is a good way to locate the fish, and cut bait can also be productive this time of year.

As the water temperatures begin to increase the Catfishing action should heat up too. Catfish are transitioning out of the winter pattern and will begin to gorge on food to regain weight lost over winter and prepare for spawn. The fish will be moving this time of year so locating them can be difficult. The upper half of the lake in 10’-30’ with cut bait is a good place to start.