Forecast For LAKE WYLIE

By: Captain Jerry Neeley

Well, the cold weather has arrived and along with it the water temperature has dropped into the 46-50 degree range. That means that the cold body fish will not eat as regularly as they normally do. Their metabolism slows down. This translates in to less bites for the angler looking to catch a few fish in the winter months. Not so fast my friend. They have to eat to live. The next question is when and where do you fish?
Bass fishing usually takes a hit during in the winter months. Frankly speaking, they are hard to catch during this time. I have had great success fishing warm water discharge areas on Lake Wylie when Duke Energy pulls the water. The South Fork River is one place that warms up when they pull the water and another place is Big Allison Creek nuclear discharge area. These areas will warm up the water considerable when they pull water. The bass will get active during this time and this is when I would bass fish. Fish points and coves in these areas.
Crappie fishing is very good during the winter, you just have to fish deep. Most crappie will move into 35-40 feet of water for the winter. When that happens, I tight line with a single #6 gold hook and minnow rig. You will need a very good depth finder to locate them. Helix 10 is what I use on my boat for this. You will catch the limit most days when you find them.
White Perch fishing is easy and fun during the winter. I use a two hook minnow rig trolling at .5 MPH right down the middle of the lake or creeks. You will catch all you want most days.
Catfishing is slow most days, trolling in the main lake. I use cutbaits trolling in 30-45 feet of water. I catch a lot of big catfish doing this, but not many.
Take a kid fishing. Keep warm and safe.