Forecast for Lake Wylie

By: Phillip Rizzitello


It’s time for the water!  This time of the year is fairly unpredictable as our weather changes day by day.  We might get snow one day and in the 80’s the next day.  The good thing is the warmer weather is right around the corner and with that comes the spawn.  The cooler nights aren’t helping our situation any, but these warm snaps are moving us in the right direction.  With all the rain we have been receiving our lakes look like chocolate milk with a lot of debris in the water.  This can be good and bad depending on how you play your cards and what you are targeting.  For bass, you’re going to have to get their attention.  Noise will be a great friend of yours.  Choose something that rattles or makes commotion, as with this dingy water fish aren’t going to be seeing a whole lot, they will be relying on other senses.  Lure colors that stand out will also help your cause.  The bass should start prespawning soon and it will happen quickly so watch your water temps so you don’t miss out.  Crappie are going to be fished fairly similar with something appealing to other senses with sight.  Live bait is always a go to but find those super lively minnows and let them make a ton of commotion!  Catfish are loving this trashy water and are foraging hard.  Not so much due to the dirtiness but more so the moving water being pulled.  Look for points, edges of coves, etc. that creates the water is moving past but the fish doesn’t necessarily have to fight the turbulence and can feed on passing items. That’s not to say they won’t hold and forage in the moving water, so don’t rule that out.  Fishing aside, stay alert for changing weather/water conditions as we have been experiencing a lot of flooding and rain.  Know you and your boats limits.  All the fish in the world don’t matter if you don’t make it home safely to your loved ones!

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