Fort Pierce Deep Sea: Oct. 2021

Lady angler Angela scored her personal best mutton snapper and she is looking forward to the opportunities October will provide for more big catches. Photo credit: Shock Leader Charters.

October marks a month of changes in Florida. Fall will bring cooler temperatures from the northeast, and along with the fronts the pelagic fish will be riding toward warmer winter waters.

As the temperatures drop, we predict that the cooler weather, king tides, and fall migration in motion, fishing along the Treasure Coast will produce delicious table fare. The pelagic predators and prey will be on the move, with snapper still hiding on the reefs, mahi-mahi’s all grown up swimming along with the cobia, kingfish and sailfish.

The fittest mutton snapper will be all grown up by now, so the local reefs will be a great place to entice muttons or a grumpy grouper to a game of tug-of-war. Amberjack will be hot on the bite deeper and further offshore, and while bait is plentiful make sure to send a “livey” down to the reef donkey corral and find out how they got such a strong nickname.

Check out weather buoys and markers, cruise along the shallows and look for bottom structure and flotsam. Have a pitch-rod within arm’s reach and the live-well filled as the casual cobia, the golden flash of a mahi, or the raised sail of a free-jumper might catch your eye. And, when the chance presents, pitch the bait and work the line. Make sure the gaff-man is ready – because a bull mahi or angry cobia can put a hurtin’ on deck.

Overall, with the ocean-in-motion, king tides, shorter days, and the Atlantic hurricane season still in full effect, stay ship-shape and focus on safety. Keep an eye on weather reports a few days ahead, heed advisories, check running lights and life-vests, and take advantage of weather windows.

If you are looking for a ride out to the great blue yonder for some fall fishing, the Shock Leader will get you there in style, comfort, and great company. Call your friends and bring your lucky hat, we’ll promise you’ll be howlin’ at the moon over our fall-time favorites!

Tight lines and good vibes.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Cole Hazellief and Crew
Shock Leader Charters
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