Frankfort Fishing Report: August 2016


As the heat of summer progress, anglers will be turning their sights on the highly prized king salmon. With warmer days the Lake Michigan water temps will begin to stabilize, and a defined thermocline will begin setting up. This thermocline is an ideal part of the water column to target kings. With this in mind, anglers should target areas out of Frankfort such as the “Bank” and “Hearing Hole” along their drop offs come first and last light, which will be from 100 to 140ft of water. If the sun remains high during mid-day hours, try sliding out to deeper depths just off the drop offs and target deep kings, staying away from boat traffic is often a key factor in finding actively feeding kings.

When it comes to choosing proper baits during August, anglers will find themselves selecting between a variety of lures, including spoons, rotatorfly combos, meat rigs, as well as plugs. If fishing first light try running both glow spoons and plugs on your downriggers, above and below the thermocline. Using Dipsey Divers try running both meat rigs and flies in combination, good color patterns include Big Weenie Brand spotted and speckled dick meat rigs, Dreamweaver Kevin’s Girlfriend and UV slick 10” Spin Doctors with UV pickled mirage meat rigs. Long Morgan’s Tackle coppers in 300, 350, 400, 450, 500ft segments with spoons and meat rigs are often deadly. As the day progresses, try moving out deeper off the banks and lowering your baits into colder depths below the thermocline. Speed will vary based on the particular baits but keep speeds between 2.2 and 2.5 mph at your baits. This will most likely be different than your GPS speed due to currents. During the middle to the end of the month begin swapping out spoons for plugs, such as the Dreamweaver Captain’s Choice. When heavy north winds blow, begin moving toward the harbor mouth of Frankfort using short segments of lead core and slide divers combined with plugs for a highly effective presentation!