Frankfort Fishing Report: July 2015


As the months have progress fishing is continuing to heat up in the Frankfort area. Fishing for lake trout continues to be fantastic, both in the bays as well as on the bank directly in front of the harbor. Lake trout can now be found in slightly deeper water from 60 to 90 feet on the bottom. Downriggers and Dipsy Divers dragging bottom using trash can, white, and chrome 0 dodgers have been extremely productive with Yakima Spin n Glows in green and chartreuse patterns remain hot. Kings have

also shown up in productive numbers and have been taken consistently in 130 to 180 feet of water off the bank. Trolling at speeds of 2.2 to 2.5 mph look for kings to be in the top 60 feet with the occasional king taken in depths of 100 ft plus. Using clean Dreamweaver Super Slim spoons in green and blue patterns, on short to moderate length coppers, from 2 to 10 colors, and 100 to 300 ft coppers will be highly effective for kings in the top 50 feet of the water column.

The “meat” bite has also taken off with a variety of different presentations including Big Weenie 10” Spotted Dick flashers, as well as 10” and 8” Dreamweaver Spin doctors off wire Dipsy Divers. Productive colors remain flashers with green and chartreuse dots, as well as Kevorkian and Kevin’s Girlfriend patterns. Use these meat rigs in conjunction with your higher leadcore and copper presentations, leaving the divers with meat to be targeted at your lower depth of 50 to 100ft. Also for a more productive diver bite in the higher part of the water column, try using Slide Divers with regular and magnum size spoons in green and blue patterns.

July fishing in Frankfort will continue to change into a more predominantly king presentations. Look for a thermocline to begin to set up within the water column as the hot summer days warm up the surface of the water. Once this thermocline begins to develop, target your presentations above and below the thermocline, looking for more active fish. Additionally, begin to choose slightly larger magnum spoons, matching the size to the current bait conditions. Meat rigs will become even more effective, especially targeting later morning and mid-day kings in deeper colder depths. Look to start your troll on major and slight drop-offs around the Frankfort area. This includes the “bank”, as well as the “hearing hole” to the south.