Freshwater Scene

By: Capt. Roan zum Felde

Hope everyone had a great month of June as July is now here and the heat and rain is going to have a severe detrimental effect on our freshwater fishing in Southwest Florida.  No, it is not impossible to catch fish but certainly going to be limited to early and late hours of the day and keep aware of bugs and storms! The good news is the saltwater topwater snook and tarpon bite will be on fire. Check out our Fly of the Month. The lake fishing in central South Florida should be excellent also and from the lakes of Highlands County to Okeechobee the fishing should be excellent. Watch for schooling fish this time of the year.  This is also a great month to fish our water structures on our canal and creek systems. When the freshwater is moving, and currents are high fish will concentrate for easy meals. Try big swim baits or larger flies that push lots of water. Great variety of fish will be lurking under the sure and gators too, so keep an eye out as they can be very sneaky.  Well good luck and good fishing. Remember come visit us at Mike’s bait house and INDIAN Pass Outfitters for all your needs and with all your questions and if you want some fresh fish and a great sandwich come by on Fridays. Always a good time! Roanz