Freshwater Scene

By:  Capt. Roan ZumFelde

March was a little windy this year, but better times are here for April and I hope this should make fishing the lakes more manageable.  But for this month we are not going to talk about the area lakes and focus more on our peacock bass waters.  This should be a great year for all our water since we had no long freezes to knock the fish back into the Miami and Homestead Canals.  All our waters from Naples across the Trail to Homestead should have plenty, especially if you can get into L-28 or along the banks east of 40-mile Bend.  Along the canals on I-75 all the way to HWY 29 at either Holiday Park or Sawgrass should be excellent fishing for the peas, and everything else.  Not to mention our own Golden Gate System should really come on strong this month especially with live shiners.

For the Everglades Canals This is usually the peak month for these bodies of water and the month where you can target all the species before summer heat and rain hurt the fish activity.  Peacock bass and all the cichlids will be on high alert for anything they can wrap their gums around.  Largemouth bass should be more accessible due to lower water levels, and you should see a better overall average size.  Any top water fly like the Grave Digger or Trail Hopper should wreck them. Small Rapalas work well this time of the year and Heddon Tiny Torpedoes can do some damage.  I suggest removing the trebles and replacing with in line single hooks or removing the front treble at the least.  This Decreases the odds of having to do hook removal from one’s own body parts.  One of my new favorite baits this year for Bass and Peas is the Wyze Guys Tackle Bambino. Love the colors and I rig it with a wide gap worm hook and swim it through the cover near or just under the top of the water.  We have been getting viscous strikes on them come check them out at the shop.

Come visit Mike and I at Mike’s Bait house and Indian Pass Outfitters on Danford Street, next to Bayview Park in Naples and we can talk fishing.  We carry a full line of tackle including fly fishing needs, both saltwater and freshwater gear, food, drink, and bait.  Thanks, and good fishing.


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