Freshwater Scene

By: Capt. Roan Z

Short and sweet this month as this is the month of the year when we start fishing less in the canals and more in our lakes and in saltwater on our beaches and in our passes.  Bass fishing gets tougher not impossible but better early and late in the day.  Topwater rules the morning and then creature baits or worms in heavier cover.  The great news for May is that water levels in the Glades keep dropping and if we do not have oxygen depletion our Peacock bite will be on fire. They can take the heat but can you, if so, there will be epic cichlid action.  If freshwater is not your thing, then don’t fret the beach snooking on fly or on jigs will be killer.  I will post some options for this in fly and jig of the month for May.  Walk the beach early in the morning for some great action.  Naples beaches around any structure, Tigertail on Marco Island and any pass you can access will be where you want to be.  Early is best but you can come upon fish just about any time of the day. Try and cast to the fish as far away from you as possible if they are at your feet, they see you and might not spook but will probably not bite.  I hope this gives you some good ideas and gets you out and fishing. Come by Mike’s bait house on Danford Street and get your flies and jigs for your May fishing adventures.  Great month for fishing in Southwest Florida so get up and get out no excuses!