In Gogs We Trust! – Kluch Signature Gog Tee

The Kluch Signature Gog Tee features a simulated goggle eye portrait complete with $100 bill background and Kluch lettering.

Scaleskinz Multifunctional Headwear

Scaleskinz Multifunctional Headwear can be worn many different ways, and will attract all the right attention with colorful detail and sun protection.

PA‘A Olukai Sandals

A good pair of sandals is as important to life on the water as a boat, maybe more important. The Hawaiian company OluKai knows this well.

Columbia PFG Blood N Guts III Long Sleeve Woven

Built for versatile style, this light polyester shirt is crisp and clean, with roll-up sleeves, back venting, UPF 50 sun protection, and it repels stains.

SunProtection Australia – Adapt-A-Cap Ultimate

This latest design of the Adapt-A-Cap continues to offer maximum UPF50+ sun protection while maintaining ultimate wearer comfort!

Reef Contoured Cushioned Sandals

Reef has become the go-to purveyor of sandals. Their new Contoured Cushioned Sandals are so comfortable you might sleep with them on.

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Was this the largest Great White ever caught?

The fishermen who caught it called it "El Monstruo de Cojimar." It was caught in the Gulf of Mexico waters in 1945, only a few miles from the shanty fishermen town of Cojimar, Cuba, the same town where famous American writer Ernest Hemingway wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "The Old Man and the Sea".