Get Ready During the Week!

Nice gaffer caught aboard Bouncer’s Dusky 33.

The weather forecast is looking good and you are going dolphin fishing in a few days, so start preparing now.

Bouncer's Tip of the Month

While sitting in front of the TV, tie up some schoolie dolphin rigs. These will consist of 30 inches of 50 pound fluorocarbon with a swivel on one end and a 7/0 j hook on the other end. Coil each leader and store 4 or 5 of them in a ziplock sandwich bag. You should have 3 or 4 of those bags plus another bag with the same size leaders, but instead of hooks these leaders should have 1/2 to 1 ounce bucktail jigs attached. These catch dolphin faster when they are hungry.

Popping plugs can help bring dolphin to or back to the boat. You should take the treble hooks off all your dolphin plugs and replace them with a single 8/0 short shank J hook on the tail of the plug. Most larger tackle shops now carry “plug” hooks to replace the trebles.

Rig your trolling lures. Be sure you have good leaders and hooks on all your trolling lures. After preparing them, place one rig each in a quart or gallon size ziplock bag for tangle free storage.

Make sure all those hooks are sharp and you will be ready for the action.


Tight lines!

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