It’s Girl Time: Summer time, summer, summer, scallop time!

We hope everyone had a great Red Snapper season! Kerry Heinz sure did, she caught her biggest one this season!
We hope everyone had a great Red Snapper season! Kerry Heinz sure did, she caught her biggest one this season!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s here! The weather is warming and it’s time to jump in! Scallop season opened on June 28th and it stays open through September 24th. The daily bag limit is 2 gallons whole or 1 pint meat per person with a maximum of 10 gallons whole or 1⁄2 gallon meat per vessel.

These delectable little bivalves can be found in shallow grassy flats along Florida’s Gulf Coast. They think they are great at hiding but their bright blue eyes pondering up at you from below often give away their location. With a mask, snorkel, flippers and a mesh bag you just swim around till you see one, then dive down and pick it up. Once you grab one, do a couple circles in that area because there will usually be a few more hiding in that spot. Clean out your mask of any fog or water so that you can always see the sneaky little mollusks clearly. While cleaning your mask try not to stir up the water with your flippers or you will have to find a new area to scallop. When you bring your scallops to the boat, use a bucket to measure how many gallons you found. This will help you keep track of how many you have so you don’t go over the limit. Have a safe and fun scallop season!

Scalloping Check-list

❏ Mask
❏ Snorkel
❏ Flippers
❏ Mesh bag
❏ Sunscreen (don’t forget to get your
back and apply it 30 min before you
get in the water)
❏ Dive Flag
❏ Anchor
❏ Florida Saltwater Fishing License
❏ Coolers with plenty of ice
❏ Bucket to help you measure you catch
(know how many gallons it holds)
❏ Proper Safety Equipment (Check for regulations and recommendations)

Scallop Season Tips and Tricks (for the girls)

❏ If you have long hair, braid or french braid it with a little conditioner to help prevent those terrible seaweed encased knots. Always bring an extra hair tie!
❏ Step up the SPF on your back side. The sun will torch your back while snorkel- ing on the surface of the water in search for scallops.
❏ Bring a tube of chap stick and apply often. The saltwater will dry out your lips and can cause them to crack. Yuck!
❏ Wearadarkcoloredswimsuit.Thetan- nic waters where scallops dwell can stain a light colored swim suit.
❏ Have fun and show those boys how it’s done!

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