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   By Joe Sheaffer

     I moved down to SWFL five years ago after I retired from teaching in Virginia. In my wildest dreams I never ever thought I would be able to fish as much as I do. To say I’m lucky or just very blessed is an understatement. I had quite a bit of experience fishing Bass Tournaments in the north but my saltwater experiences were limited. To shorten the learning curve, I joined a couple of fishing clubs, I follow fishing communities on Facebook and joined an online angler organization. There is no shortage of opportunities and fishing communities that can definitely help anglers improve their knowledge with the latest trends. The positives outweigh the negatives and as with everything we are never too old to learn. Local Clubs can help us better understand and stay on top of the fishing trends in your area. Local clubs can also help us find fishing friends and shared adventures. Facebook groups provide the latest advancements in techniques and tackle. Online groups can provide access to experts and classes for specific species and areas around the world. YouTube can be very entertaining and can encourage us anglers to try something new. Being involved with these different groups, communities and clubs has definitely help me to be successful on my many fishing adventures. I highly encourage you to try one or more of these opportunities. Keep casting and good fishing.