Green Cove


First off, as our way of thanking all my current and future customers we are offering a one month seven percent (7%) discount.  I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but at the prices we charge, well, we’re hard to beat, so from January 1-January 31, 7% off all items in the Shop.  No special orders at this discount.  AND, you’ve got to mention it at the start of that purchase.

So let’s get on with the show.  Specks should be starting to get with it.  The Creek should start showing promise with minnows and road runners being the way to go.  The area lakes should be slammin’ with the moons triggering and influx of activity.  Remember, start in the deep and work your way shallow.  Eventually you’ll pinpoint them and have the ability you obtain a few sandwiches out of it.

Next will be the stripers and the hybrids.  Eating up a storm, especially during these northeasters, the worse the weather the better the bite.  Shiners free lined or under floats towards pilings at the Shands should produce.  Keeping in mind that working lipless crank baits and jerk baits, also is a productive method.  Movin’ tides are the trick.  So buy a couple of dozen and work them over.

Largemouth bass will be crushing bait pads and then after a series of cold fronts, head for the front of creeks to hang and start waiting for that right time.  Flukes, top water and shiners are a good bet.  So go and enjoy yourself!

Red fish and drum should be active on the warmer days, looking for anything to eat.  Bait shrimp works well as does night crawlers and crab.  So look at drop offs and edges of weed lines and get active cause if you don’t, someone else will and you’ll miss out.

Catfish during the choppier times but also late on those morning days when you got some night crawlers or grunts and time enough to obtain these whiskered beauties.


Well, we’ve enjoyed it, so ’til next time–Keep your line wet and your lure movin’.–Richard