Green Cove Fishing Report: 04/2017

Well, it’s hard to believe that the bass or a lot of them have already spawned.  They were hot and heavy in the month prior.  Hard to believe, but true.
Throughout last month and this month, we should see “bedders” but they’ll be spookier because of all the pressure put on them.  Baits would be shiners, plastic tubes, craws or lizards.  Other plastic works, but the aforementioned are the most commonly used.  So grab some and go at it.
Bream will be your next best thing with spawning activity probably by mid to late month.  Baits of choice on these will be worms, earthworms or reds or wigglers.  You can also grab a tube of crickets and catch them.  But as we know, all this is depending on the weather.  Cold snaps of any duration slow the possibility of this occurring down.  Other baits could be road runners.  They’ll catch most panfish and bass.  Look around coves and creek months.  And hard bottom shell bars or drop-offs.  And you should have a good time with these tasty beauties.
Next is the catfish.  These whiskered fish will be looking to spawn in the back and coves and in the creeks.  Baits of choice are nightcrawlers or shiners.  They’re fun to catch and while the water’s still cool, they eat fine.  
Stripers and hybrid will be active starting the incoming bait pods.  Look for activity around the Buckman or the Shands.  Shiners, bait shrimp, lipless crankbaits, minnow imitation lures all should garner you a fish or two.  But as always, you don’t know until you go.
Shrimp are available in the “Ortega.”  From all reports, their large and numerous with “bucket” catching two throws.  Wow!  
So if the reports are true, the reds and trout should be there with bells on.  I would give it a try while you can, cause the season closes in  March and April.  So go now.  Oh, the season is on shrimp, not the fish.
Well, that’s really all I got for this month.  And til next time, keep your line