Green Cove


Well, let us just start off with the best thing.  Shrimp season is once again open.  You should now take the time to check our your nets and make sure everything is ready.  As you know, these “crusty” beauties can start going at any time.  And with the lack of rain and the ever increasing salt content, they could go for it at anytime.

Next will be the croaker and the “yellow” mouth.  These babies have been going strong for over a month.  They’re now from Marker 18 or 19 almost all the way to Palatka.  You want to fish the channels and the deeper holes near them.  Baits of choice are bait shrimp.  They don’t need to be “fresh” or live.  Regular frozen shrimp work just fine.  Remember that once you start getting bothered by sting ray, just start using night crawlers.  These flat fish aren’t partial to them.

Reds are all around.  They love chewing on crabs, but will eat shiners, shrimp and night crawlers.  Also, they will crush top water bass lures.  So go at them.

Largemouth will be in a post spawn.  They’ll start relocating to wood.  Or in other words, water docks in the shade.  They’ll also know the hour to cool off in the pads and under mats.  Shallow crank baits, top water, soft frogs and plastic worms will be a good bet.  So if you’re so inclined, go at it.

Mullet fishing is picking up to the point it’s Standing Room Only, so get your supplies early.  Mash, oats, bait and tackle and heat on out.  You may be fishing in a tighter location than in the past.  But you’ll probably catch a fair amount of them.  So enjoy.

Lastly is the bream.  They’ll be under docks, waiting on crickets.  In the creeks, waiting on worms, or if you’re so inclined, Fly Rod Poppers.  So if you’d like a mess of fish, go for these.

Well, got to run.  ‘Til next time, keep your line wet and your lure movin’.–Richard.