Chasten Whitfield

One afternoon I got a call from my brother.  He and his friend Kaleb wanted to go get some groceries and by groceries I mean they wanted to go fishing.   So I went and picked them up from their high school football practice and we set out. We started out having trouble getting bait, but prevailed with a few more throws of the net, then we set off to get some snapper. We use white bait on a 1/0 circle hook and 15 lb. fluorocarbon. We caught a ton of snapper that were too small, which were thrown  back to fight again another day. We left there and headed to some rocks because the boys wanted to see if they could spearfish a few. They did really well at the rocks! All the snapper were legal size and supplied enough food for fish tacos.  It was so cool to watch them catch, filet and cook their own fish! They made the most delicious fish tacos.  Teach kids to not only fish, but how to filet the fish and cook up their meal and soon they’ll be doing yours too!