Handling The Summer Heat

By: Capt. Greg Poland

It looks like it’s going to be a hot summer and I am happy my Contender Bay Boat has a Bimini top!  It took a few years to convince me to get a top but honestly, it’s really nice in the summer months and I can put it up or down in just a few minutes. I think the fish feel the same way as we do in the middle of the day so this time of year, as my preference is to get out early and get back to the dock by lunch time then go for a swim! We have been having a lot of fun catching mahi out in the 600-800ft area and who doesn’t like a fresh fish dinner? I like to run out to 600ft then get out a rod rigged with a squid or a small trolling lure like the one pictured below then start looking for birds or floating debris, once you spot something slow down and deploy your rig. I also have a live bait on a circle hook ready in the week just in case we see a mahi swimming, or if we have one on the line, I will cast it in hopes for a second one that may be following the hooked fish. I am sad to say we lost the largest bull dolphin I have had on the line in many years just last week, I was going for the gaff and saw it jump and throw the hook. I estimate it was about 30lbs and it brought a tear to my eye! If the offshore scene is not your cup of tea, then get into the backcountry for some great snook action around the shorelines of the Everglades National Park. We have been catching juvenal tarpon and snook around the islands but be careful with the sharks who seem to find you after you release a fish or two. Personally, when the first shark shows up, I like to move because you know it is only a matter of time before he is going to get your fish and there is no need to feed the sharks as they can do just fine by themselves! If you are looking to get out for a morning 1/2 day give me a call and lets go catch a fish or two this summer. Capt. Greg