Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – April

The last of this year’s bass spawn will be passing with the mid-month Full Moon phase. The recent FLW Tour bass pros’ enjoyed almost perfect weather while here on the chain and several of the top finishers caught the better fish from sight fishing bass on beds. Harris, Griffin and Eustis all produced nice catches. Due to the very warm winter (hardly any) the larger groups of bass have already started their transition to the deeper water locations such as off-shore hydrillia and eel grass beds, deep depressions, ledges and docks in the deeper water or with lots of shade, if there is a brush pile near or there it is a plus.

Top water bite is hot in the low light conditions around the early daylight hours and at the end of the day. The last of the spring shad hatch is occurring and some schoolers will eat the top water all day long. Frog baits in the grass or lilly pads and spook type baits, Pop-R are all good choices. Once the sun comes up overhead, move to deeper grass edges or off-shore and throw lipless baits, soft swim baits or Carolina rigs. Once you get a bite or 2 slow down and make multiple casts in those areas.

The panfish spawn and bite is really heating up and in full swing. Bluegills and shellcrackers will be spawning until maybe early in June on full or new moon phases. There is nothing better to fish for with kids, find them and there will be enough bites to use several boxes of red worms, crickets or grass shrimp. Fish them on light line with a small hook, small pinch weight and a bobber so the kids can see the bite. Enjoy the month of April maybe one of the best of the year and take a kid fishing and make a memory!