Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – April 2020


The largemouth bass spawn is still going strong with plenty of activity in the Harris Chain of Lakes. Look for shallow hard bottom areas in 1-4 feet of water. You will often find the same areas will hold fish year after year. Even small subtle pieces of cover showing up near these areas can make for some action-packed times on the boat. Small swim baits, spinnerbaits, and fluke style baits are a staple to have tied on throughout this time of the year. I have noticed that our fish catches this time of the year are more in terms of catch numbers, with some bigger fish included. It’s hard to beat a good top water strike so don’t be afraid to throw one. Remember to wait just a few seconds before setting the hook, that’s the secret to good hook up ratios with topwater. Another bait to try is a bladed jig – they have lots of flash and vibration and have produced some nice bass in big Lake Harris. Soft plastics such senkos, trick worms and some kinds of flipping baits are doing well in areas with heavy cover. Largemouth bass like to spawn in areas with lily pads so give those areas a try. Lipless crank baits have also been working for a great search tool. This time of year, we have fun with the bass spawn so why not get outdoors? I have some days available if you’re looking to book your own guided bass fishing charter on the Harris Chain of Lakes – visit cprbasscharters.com for lots of fish pictures along with links to our social media pages.