Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – August

In the summertime it is really hard to beat the fun and excite- ment of a giant largemouth bass choking down a topwater lure. We have had great success on topwater prop baits and walk the dog type lures. Colors to try are shiner, bluegill or gold and black pattern. I would keep changing the cadence till you start getting bites. If you can find areas with Kissimmee grass, hydrilla, or lily pads those would be great plac- es to start. The north side of Big Lake Harris, and the mouth of the Dead River are good in the early morning before sunrise.

When the day gets hot, switch to plastic worms, senkos, or flukes. During the summertime it is hard to beat a senko style bait. I fish them texas rigged, on a shakey head, Carolina rig and also wacky (hooked in the center of the bait). Some hard to beat colors are June bug or black and blue. You can cast these baits to fish an area effectively with a technique called fan casting. Thoroughly fish an area that you think fish are hiding. After the first cast, throw the next few casts in a different direction. Alternate the retrieve speed, and vary the action – twitch one cast, jerk the bait on another, reel one of the casts in fast. Once you find the bite, repeat!

Skipping soft plastics up under boat docks puts you to a better advantage because some anglers don’t like making tricky casts – they get hung up. If you can make a few different casts under each dock you could be rewarded with your personal best largemouth bass. Please follow our social media pages there are links to on www.cprbasscharters. com. Looking to try some new soft plastics check out Big Dawg Baits. www.bigdawgbaits.com – cpr18 at checkout for a discount