Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – August 2019


We are at the midpoint of the dog days of summer here on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Largemouth bass are still being caught on topwater frogs, both hollow body and soft plastic ones, walk the dog style topwater plugs and also an assortment of soft plastic worms. The fish are hot too – they will seek shade, deeper water and generally speaking they’ll hang around structure and or moving water.

Areas that I would be targeting are anywhere you can find shade. It could be under boat docks, bridges, in canals and other types of structure. The bluegill and bream are spawning during summer months. So baits that mimic them will be a better choice. Year round on these lakes you will find wild golden shiners. Baits that are gold and black really work well for me. Topwater baits such as a Devil’s Horse can really make for some explosive strikes from both small fish and giant bass. Most of the time I try to focus on shallower waters and work my way towards deeper water. Humps, ledges and offshore structure can really hold some decent fish, but you have to find those types of areas with electronics. Pay attention to finding cooler water temperatures as these can really hold good numbers of fish. On Lake Harris in the area of 9th Street canal you can find a diverse amount of different types of structures that hold great bass fishing. Now is the time to book your own guided fishing charter. Check www.cprbasscharters. com for details and availability.