Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – August 2020


The dog days of summer are here on The Harris Chain of Lakes. You can find some amazing fishing both in shallow water and heavy cover areas. Don’t discount deeper water. Fishing top water plugs such as spooks or poppers can make for some exhilarating strikes just make sure you wait a second to set the hook or you will be heartbroken when you miss a good one. Hollow body frogs can be skipped under docks or other areas where other anglers would be afraid to get hung up or break their lures off. Don’t forget to vary your retrieves and don’t be afraid to let your bait sit a bit to soak. I have caught some of my biggest catches while talking to another angler on the boat or when I am getting a drink. This is a great way to imitate a bream or bluegill that are in prime spawning season. If your electronics have side imaging capabilities, you will see the beds and they look like the surface of a golf ball dimples everywhere. When you find these areas, you might also be able to smell them too. Fishing a chatterbait in green pumpkin or black and blue color are my two favorites for this area. Also finesse techniques such as a wacky rigged plastic senko is hard to beat for plenty of numbers. Junebug, black and blue or watermelon red would be my go-to colors. I also keep a lipless crankbait tied on to use as a search bait. I like to find areas on computer mapping. Always understanding how to pattern fish and how they relate to time of the year can really pay off for fun fishing or in tournaments. If you’re interested in booking your own guided bass fishing charter on The Harris Chain email or call Captain Mark.