Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – December 2021


With the cooler temperatures coming into the area with the recent passing cold fronts that means that the lakes will see more activity in terns of fish movement. The month of December has most of the bass are in pre-spawn mode. Covering lots of water with moving baits will be your best bet. Once you find fish slow down and then catch them!

Power fishing with bladed jigs can cover vast amounts of water in search of that giant tournament limit or just nice, quality fish that make for a great day of fishing even better. Lipless crankbaits (Rattle Trap or imitations) can be the ticket to catching good numbers but also some good- sized ones. Look for deeper water close to the shallow water flats or canals and those are the areas that you should hang around and watch your fish finders. If you have side imaging, even better. Any areas with clean water that holds nice looking grass is a winner. Hard jerk baits are another bait to try. The suspending action or a floating bait can really make for some explosive bites. Remember to twitch, twitch pause! On a windy cloudy day try throwing a spinnerbait. Many giant bass have been caught fishing with them. As the New and Full moon phases get close the early spawners will be moving to the shallows. Once you start getting bites from the smaller male bass look for the heavier cover in that area. That is where the big females will be waiting for the right time and temp. to move up and spawn.

The Crappie bite has been getting better all over the chain of lakes. Similar to bass, crappie will be up shallow around the moon phases near the Kissimmee grass, lily pads and staging near structure like wood or docks. Jigs tipped with a minnow or a minnow under a cork will be the best bait of choice. Be sure to register for the Shad and Crappie Derby for a chance at great prizes when you catch that big fish.

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