Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – February 2021


Cool weather means fishing is heating up! Largemouth bass are feeding up to begin spawning over the next few months. Shad, shiners, and other baitfish are on the dinner plate. Lipless crankbaits are an excellent way to mimic them. Bladed jigs are another bait I have had great success with too. This time of the year I like to look for offshore flats in 5-to-10-foot water depths. When you cast your bait out remember to count down a few seconds to fish more sections of the water column. Jerk baits both hard and soft plastic are another one I would try. Work your bait in a twitch twitch pause cadence. Longer pause time when the water temp is cooler. This time of the year is a great way to catch numbers but also the chance to catch really big ones. Crappies are also being caught on minnows and small jigs too.  Now is the best time to get on board for your own guided bass fishing charter.  Happy New Year from @ cprbasscharters